Madeline Island, Come Over.

Let Us Carry You Away

Madeline Island Ferry Line provides transportation between the picturesque towns of La Pointe and Bayfield. The 25-minute voyage provides spectacular views of the Lake itself and several of the 22 Apostle Islands.

Whether you choose to bring your car or bicycle over on the ferry or walk on, you’re sure to find plenty to keep you occupied for a full day, or just a morning or afternoon. Madeline Island offers lots of fresh air, miles of sandy beaches, hiking trails, downtown strolls and a flat place to bike. Immerse yourself in nature by exploring Big Bay Town Park by canoe, or kayak to the sea caves at Big Bay State Park with your own kayak or with a guided tour.

Let us carry you away on the Madeline Island Ferry Line for what is sure to be a memorable trip. Check our schedule and plan your trip or tour today.

Website Photos: Don Albrecht, James Fahien, Jonas Heinzerling, Gary Knowles, Ross Lind, Steve McHugh, MIFL, MISA, Ros Nelson, Robin Trinko- Russell,, Rachel Hershberger-WI Dept. of Tourism, WI Historical Society.