Madeline Island Ferry Line

House Breaks Through Ice

On Wednesday, March 2, 1977 a ten ton truck hauling a 20 ton trailer and townhouse over a freshly plowed ice road broke through 16 inches of ice. It happened only 1 mile from its destination near the Pub on Madeline Island. The story made international news. The following stories appeared in the Island Gazette: House and Tractor … Read more

Eldorado Takes a Plunge

Island Gazette, Madeline Island In Lake Superior From: Vol. 47 No. 5 June 21 – August 3, 2010 (Reprint from April 1982) Woody Petersen’s Eldorado Takes A Plunge Frank Woods “Woody” Petersen of Omaha, Nebraska and the island has placed himself (involuntarily) in the Island “Ice crossing Hall of Fame”, and has done it in … Read more

Row Around Madeline Island

Island Gazette, Madeline Island In Lake Superior By Matt Collins, From: Vol. 46 No. 6 July 28 – October 6, 2009 Lost in Fog, Summer Visitor Finds Meaning in Row Around Madeline Island A perfectly appropriate reaction to anyone who has rowed around Madeline Island would be to ask, “Why bother?” There is no sanctioned race, … Read more