Madeline Island Camping Choices

There are many reasons to head to the north woods. One of them is Madeline Island camping. Many options are available-all of them within yards of the beaches of Lake Superior. The largest body of fresh water in the world, Lake Superior surrounds this tiny island and creates a 42-square mile playground. You can opt for a primitive camp site if tenting is your preference.

Which park is better for my family or group? Big Bay State Park or Big Bay Town Park? Both parks offer advance web reservations.

Fire wood is available at both locations. However, because of invasive forest insects and diseases, firewood burned in Wisconsin campgrounds must originate from within the state and within 10 miles of the campsite. In addition, firewood that has been harvested, purchased, stored or moved through an Emerald Ash Borer quarantine area may not leave the quarantine area. For more information on campground firewood see Big Bay State park Range of Allowable Firewood.

Take home your memories, not gypsy moths!” Inspect your vehicle and outdoor articles for gypsy moth egg masses, remove and destroy them (burn or drown in water with a little bleach) before you leave the island. Thank you for helping keep Madeline Island free of invasive species!

And of course, it’s a very short walk to the beach. To enhance your camping experience, learn about a primary feature of the island: the culture and heritage of the Ojibwa. Madeline Island treasures its connection to the ancient tribe and preserves their past at the historical Madeline Island Museum on the Island. The museum features the art of the Ojibwa, and many handmade items are for sale in the gift shop. There are also children’s books that will help youngsters learn about the first Americans to come to the Island. For a true island experience, plan some Madeline Island camping: explore the beaches and wetlands, the hiking trails and tall trees, the rock formations and the eagles that soar above them. You’ll want to come back again and again to this peaceful idyllic location.

Discover Madeline Island Wisconsin

For nature at her most dramatic, nowhere is better to visit than Madeline Island Wisconsin. Watch the late evening sun sink into the lake as you sip a cold drink at any of the numerous bars and restaurants. Or wake up to waves pounding the shoreline. If activity is what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of that! Bikes and mopeds are available for rental by the hour or day. Rent one and head out to the state park where hiking trails take you along bluffs overlooking the lake or through a lagoon filled with water fowl. There are all kinds of ways to get out on the water: sailboats are available for charter at the marina. Or if you’re looking to get closer to nature, take a guided kayak tour.  If a lazy day on the beach is more to your liking, bring a book or watch the kids build a sandcastle. Catch some fish and cook it up for dinner or go to one of several restaurants where fish is prepared fresh daily both for lunch and dinner. All at Madeline WI. Before you plan your stay on the island, you’ll need to decide what kind of accommodations you’re looking for. Camping is available at both the State and Town Parks-either primitive or with amenities. You can also rent a rustic cabin in the woods or a luxury condo right in town. Many rental places will hold more than one family, so why not plan a family reunion? And of course you’re always near the water wherever you choose to stay. Madeline Island Wisconsin has something for everyone! You can get back to nature if you want or visit nearby quaint towns with their apple orchards and wineries. It’s a great place for a family vacation.