Madeline Island Ferry Line
Madeline Island, Come Over.

Madeline Island by Bike

If you want to see more than by walking, Madeline Island is an ideal biking destination with 27 miles of paved roads, a relatively flat surface and lots of scenery. The only designated bike lane on Madeline Island is on Middle Road from downtown La Pointe to Big Bay State Park. Located 6.5 miles from downtown, Big Bay State Park offers swimming, picnicking, hiking and camping. Include Big Bay Town Park in your ride and you’ll be on the other end of the 2 mile beach for swimming and picnicking. At Big Bay Town Park the lagoon is wonderful for canoeing and rentals are right there. Closer to downtown is Grant’s Point. Along the 2 mile route you will pass significant historic sites.

Many people enjoy the great pleasure of exploring Madeline Island by bike, so it is important to ride safe.

  • Always wear a helmet
  • Obey traffic laws. Always ride single file.
  • Make your self visible with brightly colored clothing and use appropriate lights for riding at dusk or under low light conditions.
  • Bike defensively. Always ride on the far right of the road, with the flow of traffic and be aware of oncoming and overtaking motor vehicles.
  • Use hand signals well in advance of stopping or turning.
  • Review a summary of Wisconsin bicycle laws.

More Information about Bicycling on Madeline Island