Madeline Island Ferry Line
Madeline Island, Come Over.

Madeline Island Information Station

Formerly known as the “Transfer Depot” (circa 1883), the building was part of William F. Dalrymple’s railroad dreams. But after 10 years only 3.9 miles of track was laid between Bayfield and Red Cliff. Years passed until the building was used as a ticket office for lake excursions run by the Booth Fish company (hence the “Booth” yellow paint).

The Ferry Line purchased the building in 1997 and rented it to various people who used the space as a restaurant and/or gift shop. In the winter of 2005 with the concept of an information station in mind, construction began with a new foundation. The Madeline Island Ferry Line’s crew, led by Bob Divine and Joni Vaughn, rebuilt the front deck and upgraded its’ interior. The interior displays are wonderfully creative. Island artist, Holly Tourdot, has painted a “window” of Big Bay Point and Island murals on 4 walls as one enters the building. Landscaping has also been completed around the exterior, becoming another enticement to visit the Information Station. Make sure to stop in and get a taste of all that’s awaiting you upon your arrival on the Island.

Check out “Madeline Island Information Station, a Compass for Tourists” by Barbara Brown a staff writer for the Bayfield County Journal.

Several artists have their work displayed in our Information Station building; Holly Tourdot, Howard Papp, and Michael Charette.

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